The Laundry Films is an independent collective located in

    Wales, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    We are creative producers, filmmakers, storytellers, writers, arts activists.



    "You're never going to kill storytelling, because it's built into the human plan. We come with it."

    Margaret Atwood

  • Projects

    VINYL (2013) Feature Narrative

    Co-Producer: Steven Berger - Associate Producer: Alison Carter

    Second Unit Director: Phillip Matarrese

    In the summer of 2004, Mike and his bandmates hired a local band to mime their new pop punk single after a record company told him he was too old to rock n roll. To sell a sexy younger image, he put together a music video with a faux band and had them perform the song in public. The song went straight into the top twenty before they busted the scandal. The film is loosely based on these true events.

    Searching for Fortune (2017) Feature Narrative

    Director: Joseph Matarrese - Producer: Phillip Matarrese

    With the news of his brothers death, Michael's world is turned upside down

    as he begins a journey of self-assessment, self-reflection, and self-discovery.

    A home for Elham (In Production) Feature Documentary

    Producer: Alison Carter

    In 2013 the charity Action for Arts asked for our help to send a two man film crew with 18 year old musician Dani Washington (drummer with the band Neck Deep). We wanted to document the story and the journey Dani undertook, through a random connection on Facebook. OUr story follows a young family suffering harsh living conditions in one the poorest areas of Europe. We wanted to grab the attention of international media, so we could raise awareness and funding to house the Krasniqi family. Along the way we have encountered both happiness and heartbreak.We've worked with the Ideas Partnership a remarkable NGO in Kosovo, and linked with many generous people from around the world, who have helped us. In 2020 we will visit Fushë Kosovë for a third time.​


    Fund Raising Campaign Produced By Action for Arts.

  • In Development

    Tommy Chase- Groove Merchant

    Chronicling the impact of hard bop drummer Tommy Chase on London's burgeoning jazz club resurgence in the 1980's.

    Visiting the venues, the people, and the music, discussing his subsequent disappearance from the scene, and his later life dealing with vascular dementia that ultimately robbed him of his beloved music.

    Feature Documentary

    Five Black Stripes

    The untold story of Tom Pryce, the only F1 Driver to come out of Wales, who at the age of 27 became one of three rising star F1 drivers whose careers were tragically cut short, and collectively known as the Lost Generation.

    Feature Documentary

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